Faith Families

At St. Patrick Catholic School, we have 24 Faith Families. Our Faith Families consist of a teacher leader and a group of students from grades Kindergarten through 8. We meet every month to learn about our faith together as we grow as Disciples of Christ.

We call these small faith groups families because these groups remain together year after year. Our Faith Families program has a mission statement, vision statement, and goals which help us to form activities and projects which contribute to the faith formation of our students.

Mission Statement

The Faith Families of St. Patrick School put faith first, working together to blend the Gospel message with service to others while creating supportive communities for our students and staff in school.

Vision Statement

Members of St. Patrick School Faith Families will spread the Gospel message through their thoughts, words, and deeds. Their acts will inspire others they meet in school communities and elsewhere to answer Jesus’ call to a full relationship with him.