Annual Tuition & Fee Schedule for 2019-2020 School Year

Quarterly Payments
Parishioner Family TuitionAnnual AmountAug. 15Oct.15Jan.15Mar.15
 1 Child$4,400$1,100$1,100 $1,100 $1,100
 2 Children$7,700$1,925$1,925$1,925$1,925
 3 Children$11,570$2,892$2,892$2,892$2,892
 4 or more Children$15,400$3,850 $3,850$3,850$3,850
Non-Parishioner Family Tuition
Per Child$6,708$1,677$1,677$1,677$1,677


Registration$210 per child
Curriculum/Technology Fee$240 per child
Endowment Fee$40 per child
Chromebook Fee$368 per child in grades 5 & 6 and new students in Grades 7 & 8 (one time fee)
Home & School Dues/Party Fee$25 per child
8th Grade Student Activity Fee$350 per 8th grade student
Milk Fee$15 per child, if selecting milk option

Financial Delinquency Policy

All families need to be current in their financial responsibilities, which include Tuition, Fees or any other financial obligation of the school.  In the event that any of the financial obligations become delinquent, the following procedure will be followed:

  • Ten (10) days past due date a reminder letter will be sent.
  • Twenty (20) days past due date a phone call will be made attempting to resolve the delinquency.
  • Thirty (30) days past due date, for amounts due of $75.00 or more, the household will be called again and informed that enrollment at St. Patrick’s School has been suspended.
  • No one from the household will be allowed to attend school until all financial obligations are met. (If students are dropped off at school while a household is under suspension, students will be held in the principal’s office and head(s) of household will be contacted to pick up the student(s).
  • Fifteen (15) days after the suspension was effective, if payments are not brought up to date, the household’s current and future (as applies) enrollment will be revoked.

Hardship Assistance Policy

At St. Patrick’s School, we are sensitive to the fact that sudden and unforeseen circumstances can occur, resulting in a household’s financial solvency changing abruptly.  If such an event occurs, it is the obligation of the household to inform the school principal, who will then contact the Hardship Assistance Committee (HAC) within seven (7) days of such an event, if it will impact the household’s ability to meet the financial obligations to the St. Patrick’s School tuition, fees or other financial obligations, as outlined in the St. Patrick’s School Delinquency Policy. This will allow the HAC to immediately assess a household’s eligibility for receiving assistance and support during this event.  The HAC liaison to contact and inform within seven (7) days of your hardship event is:  Mrs. Lisa Brown (Principal) –  Ph# (630) 338-8100.

Upon contact with the HAC liaison, the head(s) of household will be invited to meet with the HAC for a review.  In the event that the HAC is not informed and/or assistance has not been provided, late payments for tuition, fees or any other financial obligation will result in the St. Patrick’s School Delinquency Policy being implemented.  Please refer to the St. Patrick’s School Delinquency Policy for further details.

Guardian Angel Fund

What it is and How to donate

The Guardian Angel Fund was established to provide temporary assistance to school families in need.  The fund helps families that have experienced a job loss, the death of a spouse, or significant illness.  It allows them to keep their child(ren) in our school during difficult times. Donations to the Guardian Angel Fund can provide a helping hand to those families in need, and help children grow spiritually, intellectually and socially through the excellent education they receive at St. Patrick School. The need is great.  Can you help?

Who Can Help?

Anyone can donate to the Guardian Angel Fund.  Parishioners, alumni, and friends of St. Patrick School can make a difference in the lives of the young people entrusted to our care.  Pope St. John Paul II noted the importance of Catholic education when he said:  “Catholic schools place knowledge in the horizon of faith so that it will become a wisdom of life.”

How Does the Program Work?

Families in need of assistance will contact St. Patrick Catholic School principal, Mrs. Lisa Brown to apply for assistance.

How Can I Help?

Make a Donation

Donations can be made online at  Click the “Donate Online” button for redirection to, view more and designate Guardian Angel Fund options under “All Events.” Donors may designate a specific family in need for tuition purposes.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Monetary donations may also be mailed to:

Guardian Angel Fund
St. Patrick Parish
6N487 Crane Road
St. Charles, IL  60175
For more information, call (630) 338-8000.