St. Patrick Catholic School does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, creed, national or ethical origin in administration of its admission, educational, athletic or other school programs or policies.  Nevertheless, St. Patrick’s is a Roman Catholic School.  It is founded on the principle that religion is not merely a specialized subject in the curriculum, “It is perceived and functions as the underlying reality in which the student’s experience of learning and living achieve their coherence and their deepest meaning.”  (National Conference of Catholic Bishops)  Any child is welcome whose parents realize the nature of the school and are willing to accept its standards.

Admissions Policy

  1. Active, registered parishioner families of St. Patrick Parish or St. John Neumann Parish.
  2. Children of non-parishioner families with students already enrolled in St. Patrick Catholic School.
  3. Those families newly registered in the parish whose children attended Parochial School at a prior location.
  4. Those families newly registered in the parish whose children are transferring from public schools.
  5. Other families registered in parishes other than St. Patrick or St. John Neumann.
  6. Families who are not Catholic.